What I need to do in order to register for Opaali Portal?

The use of Opaali tools and resources requires a commercial service agreement with Telia. Therefore, please contact Telia by sending email to opaali-tuki(at)teliacompany.com and we will get back to you and help you to choose the services that are best suited for you to grow your business. After concluding the service agreement, Telia provides needed partner accounts, usernames and access rights.

What kind of Telia services does Opaali offer?

Opaali offers both communication and end-user billing services.

If your business only requires sending and/or receiving text messages, the Telia Kontakti SMS, Mobiiliviesti service is probably best for you. However, if your business also requires end-user billing service in relation to messaging events, the best service for you is the Telia Messaging Interface.

If your business does not require messaging services, but it requires end users to be billed for purchases made through mobile applications or websites, the Telia Mobile Charger service is best for you.

Please contact opaali-tuki(at)teliacompany.com and we’ll help you to choose the services that are best suited for you.

Can I have more than one provider account?

Yes. More than one partner account allows you to segment different groups of applications for various purposes. Most users will have no specific need for several partner accounts, but it is possible, if needed. Please keep in mind, that creation of new provider account requires entering to its dedicated commercial agreement with Telia.

How do I create an application?

Once you have received the partner account(s), usernames and access rights from Telia, you need to create an application so you can receive application credentials for using the APIs. This is a straightforward process. In your Partner profile, simply click on Create an Application and complete the required details.

Can I have more than one Application?

YES! We encourage you to develop applications and promote them to production. You can create application under your Partner profile. When you create a new application, it will be in 'Sandbox' status.

What does it mean to have my application in 'Sandbox' status?

When you create an application, it will be in 'Sandbox' status. This will give you very restrictive and limited access to endpoints while you are developing your application or service.

Can I use the same endpoints for multiple applications?

No, the Terms and Conditions of use restrict the use of endpoint credentials to a single application. This is to isolate your applications from each other. If you have an application that is misbehaving or needs to be isolated for whatever reason, we can easily suspend the specific endpoints in use based on credentials associated with your application until you resolve the issue. If you reuse these endpoints across multiple applications, shutting down the endpoint would affect ALL applications that were using that endpoint. It only takes a minute to create a new application and it's easy and free.

Is there a prescribed architecture for building applications that use Opaali Portal API's?

Yes, there is a prescribed architecture for using the APIs. Basically, it is a client/server architecture that requires that your service have a server to act as the single connection point to the API interface. If you have mobile or desktop clients, they must communicate to your server and allow the server to invoke API calls and pass the response back to the client. Mobile or Desktop clients must not call the APIs directly.

Why do I need to use a proxy server for my applications?

There are a couple of reasons. First, we want to ensure that we don’t have several hundred clients calling the API directly using your credentials. This poses a security risk to your service and could negatively impact your revenue stream or your billable activity. Second, there is business logic that is required for these services to really shine. Things such as managing user’s privacy permissions or doing informed consent for purchase. These cannot be done if there is no server.

Who do I contact if I have a question about Opaali services?

If you have any questions about Opaali or its services, you can submit your questions using the Contact Us Contact Us form, in which case we will respond to you in person as soon as possible. You must be a registered Opaali user to use the form.