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Terms of use of Telia’s web pages

Telia Finland Oyj’s (hereafter Telia’s) Telia web pages located at the address https://developer.telia.fi are subject to these terms of use. The Telia web pages are protected by the Copyright Act and international agreements. The names and symbols of the Telia products and services found on the web pages are trademarks of Telia.

Telia presents the web pages as they are. Telia is not liable for any damage or loss of rights caused by material found on the pages or resulting from changing the material nor for any damage resulting from the pages not being available for use or access. Telia may change the pages or prevent the use of them at its own discretion. Telia is in no way responsible for pages which are available through links found on Telia’s pages or through links presented on Telia’s pages nor for the information contained on such pages.

By sending and addressing unsolicited material to Telia, for instance by e-mail or through the web pages, the user relinquishes to Telia, at no charge, the right to use and assign the material sent by the user, unless otherwise agreed. Personal data sent by the user is not disclosed to a third party.